How do I order a PeacePod?

 In one of the following ways:

  • You can order a PeacePod® directly from PeacePod Australia. Details & payment in full are required prior to delivery.

  • You can ask the Funeral Director if he can supply a PeacePod® for the funeral ceremony. This may be the simplest method of ordering a PeacePod®. We suggest that you discuss any extra charges relating to the PeacePod®, at this time.

For now, the PeacePod is not mass produced. For this reason, the pod has to be ordered in advance, allowing time for delivery.

Family and friends of people approaching death and dying are usually aware of the forthcoming event and have the opportunity to enhance the process and participate in meaningful farewell.

The selection of a PeacePod is a good start in planning such an event.

A PeacePod can be delivered directly to the Funeral House or it can be delivered to the family or friends if they wish to decorate the pod in celebration of their loved one.

Many people engage funeral plan insurance and/or family estate managers, knowing full well that they will, one day, depart.

Instruction to order a PeacePod can be included in such plans, wills etc., and can be managed by those executors.



The PeacePod® is accepted by Funeral Directors.

It complies with Government Regulations and it has been successfully employed by Funeral Directors in several funeral ceremonies. 

If you choose to purchase a PeacePod® directly from PeacePod Australia, we suggest that you advise the Funeral Director that you will provide the casket for the ceremony. In this case, it is important to discuss any extra fees which the Funeral Director may apply. The PeacePod® can be delivered to the Funeral Home or elsewhere, as directed by you.

You may prefer to ask the Funeral Director to provide you with a PeacePod® for your ceremony. 

Funeral Directors who have knowledge of & experience with the PeacePod®:



We do hold a basic stock of PeacePods, complete for delivery, however we do suggest that an order is placed in advance of the immediate need, for assured timely availability.



Delivery charges will apply but will not be more than the quote provided by the courier. Distance & volume will determine delivery charges, to be quoted when ordering.

The PeacePod® can be delivered to your designated address ( for decoration etc. ) or to the Funeral Director, as requested at the time of ordering.




LENGTH: Up to 1.5m

WIDTH: Up to 45cm


PRICE: available upon request


LENGTH: Up to 2.0m

WIDTH: Up to 60cm


PRICE: available upon request

Prices for PeacePod No.1 Custom and PetPods are also available upon request.

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