What is a PeacePod?

A PeacePod® is a cardboard (recycled paper) casket for use in burial or cremation.

  • It is designed to be both functional & aesthetic.

  • The PeacePod® is a vessel for cremation or burial, horizontal or vertical.

  • PeacePod® is for people & for pets.

What is the difference between a casket & a coffin?

Caskets & coffins are both vessels designed to be used in cremation or burial ceremonies, and processes.                                                                                                                                                                        

The difference is in the shape & design of the item.

  • A casket is the same width the full length of the item.

  • A coffin is narrower at each end & wider approximately 1/3rd along the length.

What is the PeacePod made of?

The PeacePod® is essentially made of natural recycled paper (cardboard) in the form of a tube-shaped pod.

The following materials are used in forming this strong, light weight pod: 

  • recycled paper – being the predominant material

  • a small quantity of plantation timber framing

  • metal screws

  • minimal water based glue & paint

  • natural cotton or bamboo lining

  • natural leather handles

Is the PeacePod® accepted by Funeral Directors?

Yes. The PeacePod® is accepted by Funeral Directors.

It complies with Government Regulations and it has been successfully employed by Funeral Directors in several funeral ceremonies. 

If you choose to purchase a PeacePod® directly from PeacePod Australia, we suggest that you advise the Funeral Director that you will provide the casket for the ceremony. In this case, it is important to discuss any extra fees which the Funeral Director may apply. The PeacePod® can be delivered to the Funeral Home or elsewhere, as directed by you.

You may prefer to ask the Funeral Director to provide you with a PeacePod® for your ceremony. 

Funeral Directors who have knowledge of & experience with the PeacePod®:

Will the Funeral Director charge an extra feE IF I provide the PeacePod® for the ceremony?

Some will & some will not.

This is an important matter for you to discuss with the Funeral Director when planning a Funeral Ceremony.

What about availability and delivery?

The PeacePod® is a new product.

It is designed & produced in Hobart, Tasmania.

At present, the PeacePod® can be ordered & delivered from Hobart.

We intend to establish outlets on the mainland, in due course, in order to provide a more convenient service.



We do hold a basic stock of PeacePods, complete for delivery, however we do suggest that an order is placed in advance of the immediate need, for assured timely delivery.



Delivery charges will apply but will not be more than the quote provided by the courier. Distance & volume will determine delivery charges, to be quoted when ordering.

The PeacePod® can be delivered to your designated address ( for decoration etc. ) or to the Funeral Director, as requested at the time of ordering.

If I purchase a PeacePod well in advance of needing it, will it deteriorate?

If the PeacePod® is well covered & stored in a clean, dry location, it will not deteriorate for many years.

If you store it in your study or spare room, you can write your poetry on it for decades.


The PeacePod® is not a cheap imitation of a timber casket/coffin.

It is a unique design, strong & light weight, & functionally aesthetic.

The PeacePod® is dignified & environmentally friendly.

The price is fair & not top heavy with profit.



LENGTH: Up to 1.5m

WIDTH: Up to 45cm


PRICE: available upon request


LENGTH: Up to 2.0m

WIDTH: Up to 60cm


PRICE: available upon request


Custom sizes are available but may require production lead time & individual quotation.


What prompted you to design & produce the PeacePod?

I have worked as a sculptor, designer and as an Authorised Civil Celebrant for over 40 years, during which time I have developed the PeacePod® - a casket for cremation / burial, both horizontal & vertical. The design & construction of the PeacePod® provides an alternative to traditional caskets, and is not just a cardboard copy of a traditional casket/coffin.

Over the past several decades there has been developing awareness & increasing interest in dying and death, in many sectors of our communities. The PeacePod® provides a contemporary approach to issues which have traditionally remained unaddressed.

There is need for alternative opportunities in aspects of planning and achieving a more personal & meaningful funeral ceremony for our loved ones, and those who were perhaps not loved enough.

This is the time when we celebrate the life of the one deceased, and say goodbye.

It is a time to be respectful of the philosophies, beliefs & departing wishes of the deceased.

PeacePod® design & production prompts:

  • The PeacePod® takes a sculptural form which does not provoke ‘coffin cringe’.

  • It conforms to Government Regulations

  • It pleases environmentalists

  • It is eco friendly

  • It is strong & light weight

  • It is a burial vessel suitable for horizontal or vertical application. Vertical burial is an evolving aspect of major metropolitan funeral/burial ceremonies where space availability in cemeteries comes under increasing pressure.

  • It can be readily personalised in respect of the deceased individual - for example, it can be painted, drawn or written on, collaged etc. without detriment to the function or aesthetics of the PeacePod®.

  • It is price fair

For extensive details addressing important considerations regarding funeral planning, please see the following article in Choice Magazine article (February 2017).

If you require any further information or details about PeacePod, please don't hesitate to contact me.

PeacePod® Australia.  ABN 12030524129. Patent Application: No. 2016903936.  Trade Mark: No. 01784145.