What is a PeacePod?

PeacePod is a new concept in casket or coffin design and application.

Developed over many years, and crafted in Tasmania, it is, in simple terms, a cardboard casket.

The PeacePod is designed to extend our concept of choice and involvement in the selection and preparation of a casket, for the farewell celebration of loved ones.


We can’t deny the sorrow and loss that we feel surrounding the event of dying and death, but we can change the way we go about it, planning the funeral ceremony in meaningful ways.

  • The PeacePod® is designed & produced in Tasmania.
  • The design of PeacePod® is new, serene & absolutely contemporary - a true departure from traditional material & shape of traditional funeral caskets or coffins.
  • The PeacePod® is environmentally friendly & emotionally friendly.
  • There is vast potential for personalisation insofar as the PeacePod® can be readily decorated with messages, photographs, or other treasures to celebrate & reflect the life of the departed individual.
  • Involvement in the preparation & personalisation of a casket is widely understood as being an important introduction to acceptance of the death of a loved one & the celebration of their life.
  • The PeacePod® is suitable for cremation or burial, either horizontal or vertical.
  • It is price fair.
  • It is designed for people & for pets.
  • A PeacePod® isn’t just a coffin, it’s an entirely new concept in funeral vessel design. This innovative casket draws on the aesthetic & environmental benefits of alternative - an empowering decision to take in the contemporary world.

It’s better for the one departing, for those left behind, and for the planet.

Product Range

In the PeacePod range there are several models of varying size, design & production, to accommodate a wide range of choices and needs.

PetPods are caskets of varying sizes for pets. Cremation or burial of domestic pets is becoming increasingly regulated in urban communities – gone are the days of burying the deceased family pet in the suburban backyard.

PeacePod® Australia.  ABN 12030524129. Patent Application: No. 2016903936.  Trade Mark: No. 01784145.